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Environmental Management System

Establishment of the Environmental Management System (EMS)

In order to contribute and settle our commitment towards the improvement of the environment, we have established RIESfs Environmental Management System (EMS), which is based on the PDCA methodology to establish environmental targets related to the companyfs activities. This EMS has been audited by a Japanese government-related third-party (EcoAction 21), and RIES is currently certified and strives to continuously achieve its best environmental performance.

Among our environmental responsible activities, we can cite:

  • Reduce CO2 emissions (reduction of electricity consumption)

We aim at reaching 90% of achievement on the targets of electricity consumption (reduction targets).

  • Reduce water consumption

We aim at reaching 90% of achievement on the targets of water usage (reduction targets).

  • Incentive the purchase of low environmental impact goods

We aim at reaching 90% of green products out of all purchases (price-based targets)

  • Reduce waste generation

We aim at reaching more than 27% of double-sided printed material out of all printed material in the office. Also we aim at reducing 3% of paper use per person per working hour.


Environmental activities report


If you are interested on more details regarding our EMS, environmental targets and performance, please access the following links to read our activity reports (available in Japanese only).


Third-party Certificate

The EcoAction 21 seal certifies our EMS and our responsibility towards the environment.