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Environmental policy


Research Institute for Environmental Strategies (RIES)

Environmental policy

@Through our research and study activities, RIES is committed with work that is focused on reducing the environmental impacts caused by various societal activities. By encouraging individual abilities and suggestions from our team, our aim is to contribute to the realization of an environmentally conscious society in various fields.

  1. We do not conduct work/projects with the sole objective of profit-making. Our projects focus primarily on, and are always related to, activities that contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact of society.
  2. We strive to propose the best environmental measures and/or policies based on thoroughgoing investigation of opportunities for environmental impact reduction in all our projects.
  3. We believe that gathering environmental data and information only is not enough for policy or environmental impact countermeasures advisory. We strongly encourage thorough understanding of local contexts in order to produce comprehensive policy recommendations with due realization potential.
  4. All of our team members are conscious of the environmental impact generated by our own activities. We try to grasp our environmental impact in a quantitative fashion in order to continuously establish objective reduction targets.
  5. Our company observes all laws and directives involving our activities, and takes into account all other social necessities and rules related to our work.
  6. All of our team members are conscious of this environmental policy, and, for that, RIESf commitment to it is therefore hereby open to public.


Established in 2010/6/8
Revised in 2011/5/23
Satoshi Koyama (Managing Director)