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Environmental Information Analysis Team


Section Chief Takumi Saotome
Related Business Field
  • Support for the development of environmental policies such as air pollution control
  • Environmental data collection and analysis by numerical simulation, etc.
Recent Projects
  • Study for reduction of air pollutant emissions from ships and aircrafts (Ministry of the Environment) (2011FY-2016FY)
  • Study on the development of the national emissions inventory for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) (Ministry of the Environment) (2014FY6-2016FY)
  • Study on the PM2.5 issues based on the analysis of the continuous monitoring data (Ministry of the Environment) (2015FY-2016FY)
  • Emissions estimation methods for PRTR (1. Emissions estimation from industrial sites below reporting threshold, 2. Emissions estimation of ozone layer depleting substances and from manufactured goods with very low concentrations of heavy metals and other chemicals) (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) (2013FY-2016FY)
  • Study on mercury emissions from the treatment of mercury-containing waste (Ministry of the Environment) (2014FY)
  • Study on the impacts of generators on air quality during disaster events (Ministry of the Environment) (2014FY)
  • Data collection and study on hazardous air pollutants for health risk evaluation (Ministry of the Environment) (2011FY)
  • Measurement of air pollutant concentrations in the surroundings of Kadena Airfield (Okinawa) (Ministry of the Environment) (2013FY)
  • Study on verification of effect by recent VOC emission restraint measures in factories (Tokyo Metropolitan Government) (2015FY)
  • Investigation on the method for calculating hazardous metals emissions in PRTR reporting and study on their material flows (National Institute for Environmental Studies (Japan)) (2011FY-2014FY)
  • Verification of the PRTR emissions data in light of emission situation of hazardous metals (National Institute for Environmental Studies) (2015FY)
  • Analysis of emissions estimation of hazardous metals at waste combustors (National Institute for Environmental Studies) (2016FY)